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Kamil Smuga, Founder

Kamil has over 8 years experience working in IT enterprise software industry. He worked at Salesforce for 6.5 years leading teams of programmers - as an engineering manager and architect. In 2019, founded digitalt, a boutique consultancy helping customers to get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

Why Us?

Quality - we adopt industry standards from software development world. The job is not finished at 80%, we aim to go above and beyond for each customer. At the same time, we do not overengineer solutions, we strive for simplicity.

The level of engagement - we're a boutique consultancy and planning to stay this way. Deep focus on Salesforce and customer-centric approach is what we value.

Salesforce know-how and best practices. We can just ask questions directly to our collegaues at Salesforce :)

What we do

We can help you in a number of topics, but our shtick is tailor-fit solutions for your needs. We do make the platform work for your business.

Out-of-the-box Implementation

Looking for a new CRM? Why not try #1 CRM in the world. We can get you up and running with the following products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities.

Custom Implementation

Each business has unique needs. We specialize in providing tailor-fit solutions on the Lightning Platform and Heroku. Software development is in our DNA, Salesforce mature platform enables us to deliver fast at enterprise scale.


No company uses only Salesforce. We recommend to use Salesforce as a System of Engagement that connects all the dots in your business - ERPs, system of records, you name it. If it speaks API, we can connect it. Salesforce is the ultimate platform for automating business processes and integrating services.

Managed Services

Do you feel like you're using only a fraction of what Salesforce can do for your business? We're here to help to flip the switch and enable the full power of the platform.

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